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    SURVIVORS English Poem by Monalisa Priyadarsini

    She stammers while talking
    He shivers while holding stuff 
    She can't read the blackboard from the third  bench
    He finds an elementary problem tough.

    He has bent fingers
    She has a displaced tongue
    Some are attaining oldness
    despite being very young.

    Like an underdeveloped flower
    In a flourishing garden 
    We make them feel unwanted 
    We make them feel like a burden.

    His nerves might not carry stimulus
    But the heart is still beating
    Avoiding dealing with them
    Is still a sort of ill-treating.

    Like "disabled" and "handicapped"
    There are no such things
    Wheels replaced your feet 
    But You still have your wings.

    Their toes are already twisted 
    Let their path be linear
    We should stop calling them victims
    As each one of them is a survivor.
    Monalisa Priyadarsini

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