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    Rebirth English Poem by Monalisa Priyadarsini

    The one who used to fly 
    Beyond the sky, Above the cloud 
    Now for her, moving out of the nest
    is no more allowed.

    Once she had the fastest reflex 
    Now her nerves aren't replying
    To grab a prey 
    Her claws are denying.

    To see herself flying again 
    She can go to any length
    She chooses a torturing rebirth
    Over an easy death.

    She plucks her beak out
    by knocking it against the stone
    Being drenched in blood and pain
    She waits for a new one.

    With that new beak 
    She plucks out her talon
    She repeats the cycle of pain
    Being all alone.

    After doing the same with old feathers 
    She gets her new wings
    In the battle of life and death 
    She wins.

    - Monalisa Priyadarsini

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