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    Oh! I spent my days in a fair Land

    Spent my days in a fair Land,
    sat on a hot Stone across the River,
    observed the motion of Waves;
    Oh! I saw a Fish in the Water,
    Swimming with what eath, I felt
    that movement in my Body,
    my Heart vibrated, awakened my spirit,
    Where was I, till that time??
    The flawless motion of Wind in the beautiful Morning,
    after the heavy pour of the Last Night!
    The Trees, the fragrance of wild Flower in the Air,
    The Birds, the Irides in the wide sky-
    the Ice, the reflection of evening Star on it,
    all gave me the tremendous Truth of Nature.
    The gleaming Sun, darkened my skin;
    But I love this color, it reminds me that
    we are not equal either.
    I'am destitute of her presence and she is incomparable...
    Now, here I'am
    like that solitary Mountain! Alone, but not lonely,
    because I have seen her life,
    my mental photographs have stopped the time there,
    where I had spent my days,
    Oh! I spent my days in a fair Land...

    -- Himani Parihar

    Follow her on YouQuotehttps://www.yourquote.in/himani-parihar
    * Read another Poem of her: Deception

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