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    Precious 21 minutes !!!

    Precious 21 minutes !!! by Bibhu Prasad

    After a long time being out of contact, I thought of giving her a call regarding some mishappenings that occurred in her locality just to get some idea about the same. In fact, I had visited her work town on that particular day and not very far from her room. I gave her a call and wasn't even a little ashamed when she couldn't recognize me from my voice and mobile number. It happens when you stay out of touch with people for a long time, they might have lost you from their minds. Anyways, when she got me from my name and started sharing thoughts, so quickly we became caring for each other as she is too social and kind as well. Some calls don't happen daily, but they always start with the same smile that we had while putting the phone down. When she got to know about my visit to her area, she asked me for a casual meeting on the very next day and I agreed.

    I was completely free on that day, but in spite of having a busy schedule at work, she gave her precious time to me. It was exactly 12:08 on my bike digital meter and I heard a sweet Hii from behind. Yep, it was her in black attire and a big round spectacle. To be honest, she was looking super cute on that day. She invited me to a fruit juice center, we gave our respective orders at the shop, but unfortunately, her favorite watermelon shake was not there available. Finally, we took 2 pineapple shakes and had a good chat while having the same. She was just sitting at the very right to me and telling about her work and all, but I was finding my mind wandering in places like, was she being treated well? Places like, how did I forget to bring her favorite Bournville with me. I couldn't see her madness unlike she does in chats and calls. This time she was quite calm and soft speaking. However, I was truly enjoying those no-look talks of that selfless girl. Suddenly she woke up from her seat and we left the shop in further few minutes.

    Yeah, it's not always the length of time you spent, rather the character with whom you did. It's a beautiful thing when you get so comfortable with someone and you realize you're telling them things you have never said out loud before. 

    Our talks ended up finally when I gave her a send-off at her college main gate. From that roadside shed, I was watching her going out of my vision very quickly and the clock was showing 12: 29. Of course, it was just 21 minutes meet, but for me, it was more than sufficient to cherish for years.

    In a world full of copy-pasting cute texts from Google and sending it to people, in my leisure I still prefer to write long paragraphs for a few persons with every genuine feeling I have for them. 

    - Bibhu Prasad Mahapatra 
    IIT, Kharagpur

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