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    December 13, 2019 0

    The moment I held her in my arms felt her tiny heartbeat, and her baby breath on the shoulder. Life had a purpose, precious and su...


    December 12, 2019 0

    I have barely survived the, ruthless Autumns onslaught on my ardor, letting the warmth swept away by manic Monsoon, while the Spring ...

    Winter Night

    December 11, 2019 0

    Memories flocking: to the frozen surface, emerge from the distant depths, unfolded unfaded uncaged. I try to kindle them to flam...


    December 10, 2019 0

    Muting the urge to voice, while keeping the murmurs to the oneness self... Holding the thoughts from coming afloat, beneath the surface...


    September 25, 2019 0

    It’s a boy. A huge thunderstorm broke the silence and emotions flowed like a river. Flood of happiness swapped every fatigued corner a...

    The Truth

    September 15, 2019 0

    Judging people on the basis of their past behavior and track record has been a contentious and subjective debate. The general tendency...

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