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    Enzymology of Confused Soul

    Each and every chemical that exists in nature,
    Is also a significant human body feature.
    Emotions are the vital catalysts to fasten the reaction or hamper,
    And the resultant fabricated notion of true love is just deteriorating the youth mass future.
    Excessive stress and anger may make your patience to denature,
    Still, undeterred faith in God is the only Michelis Menten’s constant in the whole procedure.
    Reaction at the catalytic site provides you great pleasure,
    But…but…the reaction at the inhibitor site makes you wonder and ponder.

    Your heart may fear,
    Eyes may tear,
    Oh my, dear !!!!
    The only thing to remember and accept with cheer,
    That “Life has the destiny to taste the flavor of both success and failure”.

    Satyasundra Das
    Student of B.Ed 1st YEAR
    RIE, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

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