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    Selfless Love

    Do you ever read a story that is real?
    If then read this one which explains about love in a very specific way.

    Everywhere you can find love. Yes it's true you can find love everywhere it may be different to catch, it may be hidden, it may be privileged but it's true and real.

    Life is standing one of the biggest Pilar and it's called Love. I started my journey as I. Later I learned that it's full of ego and it's not the pure one. Yes, it is true that first, we have to love ourselves but it's also necessary to spread it as the journey is not for me the journey is for We.

    The journey of life called the biggest exam. Some people got their success where some are failed. Some people are very optimistic in nature they have their own mission to achieve and some are joined the race only to run without having any aim.

    This is the world......
    But do you think about failure, can you imagine it. It's not a huge syllabus to cover, not a problem to solve. It's just a part of the journey called success and you have to think about it.

    To achieve success mental health or mental stability is required vitality. It may be called the energy station which will help you to get your success.

    So have you ever do any discussion with your mind?

    Here comes the point. So start discussions yourself first. Start to find out the man within you. Who is playing the role of a motivator, as a guide, as a friend philosopher also?

    Just Star questing yourself it will help to find the best one within you.
    Don't worry about others, you are the one and the only one who can save you.
    So start the journey of success now.

    Then I started my journey to find selfless love, its reality, and its value. I searched everywhere to find it. I gathered pieces of information, copies and also every single thing. My family first gave me the opportunity to find selfless love. Mother's care, the father's guidance, and support proved everything. Then I grew up and put a step towards my neighbors. There I find a different form of love also. Their help, their smiles and their tears also directly impact on my mental state. Then I came to contact with the largest form of society to explore more facts.

    The society first proved that I am incomplete without this as a social animal I have to assist with this heaven and I have to work for it. As a form of mutual benefit, we have to support each other. That is also a selfless love for me.

    The entire world even working with this concept. Yes, it is true that this type of love is very rare to find but it's not fake. It's pure, real and omnipresent. The world can't able to move without this.

    Did you get my point of why I am adding the world in my life story because I am worthless without this?

    My family and a great platform to perform as a human being. There is no guarantee that the world will pay the equal important on you it may crack you but as a duty, you have to play your role because you are the one and only one who can give priority on This Selfless Love.

    I start my journey from a poor family where mother and father work header than even to make my life meaningful and to give me a smile they don't care about their pain, smile and happiness, and everything is a luxury.

    They give me all the things that I need in my life. I started my schooling and by their blessings completed my schooling.

    Then I joined college with lots of anxiety and a mighty spirit this way the journey started. I faced a lot of problems but every time.y father and my mother give me their special support to stand again and to bounce back...

    This is called selfless love.

    Then suddenly a girl comes to my life. Within a few days, we become so comfortable and because of lovers. She reflects the same as my parents given to me. Slowly she also because a family member but no one knows nothing about her. I added her story here because she also gave me a pure form of love. Again the concept selfless love reflected with her smile and support. When I was a child he is my caretaker

    He tried his best to stop the devil away from me,
    He works harder than ever only
    To give me food, medicine, and all my needs.
    I grow up and he joined me as a team member in a cricket match
    That means we also played together.

    Now I am continuing my post-graduation and he is now my friend.
    His every effort made my life meaningful.
    He is none other than my father.
    But now the time comes to treat him as my real friend and I also started this.

    I have to give him the special strength
    To overcome all the difficulties right now.
    He is my superhero and my best philosopher also.
    Thanks for making me special Bapa.

    Yes, this is life and we have to live this meaningfully. As every second starts a new story in our life we have to accept the reality and have to do our duty.

    The family, nation, world, environment all are our own thing and we have to give them their right and we have to perform the role as well.

    I got a form of love. I realized the purity and its value. You may call it a selfless love or anything else but for me, it's just a fact and we have to take care of it as like oxygen.

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