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    Are We Really PATRIOT!!!

    We condemned for Terrorism, Injustice, Inequality, Discrimination, Exploitation & for fascist law!!!

    But are we really condemned! Now we are having financial terrorism inside our country; The Bharat Band (National Strike), Odisha Band (Odisha shut down). Is this not a financial burden, social exploitation, and financial terrorism??? It is mourning day for all Indians but no one questioned…

    The scenario of a strike in our country is a complete mess where our police is a silent spectator, rules are broken, public properties are burnt, roads are blocked, market places are closed, all economic transactions are racked and above all Govt. is insouciant about this. Government, as well as private-sector employees, observe this as the awaited day of rest but a common citizen’s life agonized whose basic rights are violated, exploited and deteriorated.

    In 1 day, strike/band India losses about 13,000 crores and in Odisha it costs about 300 crores revenue loss, who will compensate such huge revenue loss, who will take the responsibility!!!!

    – Isn’t this against our freedom, liberty, and equality where everything is suspended and questioned just like national emergency!!!

    - Isn’t it against constitutional basic rights where our socio-economic freedom is snatched away!!!
    But unfortunately, we never condemned on this because we’re used to it. In another way directly/indirectly we supported it. 

    There are various issues, problems, a crises so, in this way can we strike 365 days and 24*7 to get rid of our sufferings, problems and get the demand to fulfil. But is this the right solution to every problem???

    Here’s the question, are we really patriotic!!! Are we responsible citizens? If yes, then we never have actively participated to make Indian’s revenue losses of such huge amount which may be used for the needy ones, the poor marginal BPL families, bonded farmers, old age pension, health scheme, education, defense procurements, army’s expenditure, martyred pension and so on.

    As a citizen of India, isn’t it our duty that we’ll make our country prosperous, wealthy and safeguards of the nation’s interest. Aren’t we the part of the nation’s development and progress!!!

    As one day strike when called- who’ll compensate and take responsibility for the losses incurred in-
    1. A daily labourer/ a potter/ bonded labour/ a sweeper/ a construction worker who directly depends on the daily work and wages on which his whole family, savings depend upon.
    2. A student whose exam is today/ had interview call/ had seminars/ issue a certificate/ last date of form fill up or have to sign crucial documents for any employment or admission.
    3. A common man whose cases are pending for a long period of time in court, whose pensions are the last date is today and so on for which he’ll wait for years & years.
    4. A local vendor, vegetable shop keeper, a feriwala whose 1-day income is directly affected and hampered.
    5. A driver, goods carrier, a rickshaw puller, an autowala whose income is directly depending on daily working hours.
    6. A middle-class shop keeper whose income is started from the opening of the shop.
    7. A private-sector worker whose 1-day salary is curtailed.
    8. A patient who is hospitalized needs some urgent medicine or transport to another hospital. If he’s died who’s responsible.

    As a common citizen everyone financially, socially feel wretched. Isn’t it exploitation, a burden on common people where the freedom is taken away during a strike.

    Sometimes it takes as violent shape where the public gets beaten and having the victim of atrocity in this strike.

    Everyone is convulsed but no one raises a voice against it and questioned in this issue. I asked you all, why??? Why don’t we raise a voice against financial terrorism???....

    I am deeply regretted that we are just having a show-off patriotism which we show in Republic Day (26th Jan.), Independence Day (15th Aug.), the day when our brave soldier martyred on the border or having a terrorist attack.

    But as a citizen, isn’t it our responsibility to stop these trends and financial losses which incurred during the strike and strongly oppose it.

    The last note- you may agree or disagree but you can’t deny the above facts.

    I know this post won’t change the mindset of everyone but it’s an attempt to expose you to the reality of the strike and the responsibility of a citizen…

    It's an apolitical post. Just an attempt to raise the issue of a common man whose life is deeply affected.

    JAI HIND...



    1. Yes,you're absolutely right.By supporting these bharat band,Odisha band(directly or indirectly),we people are just making our country,our state,our society weak..Although we are in slow down.😞
      These are some unsolved public grievances causing unrest in the country and these are nothing more than a complete waste of time and all our resources.

      1. Thanks for interpreting my article on a positive note. Thanks alot for your valuable comment.

    2. I must say,this is something really very very important that we all should know and we all should be aware of who we actually are.
      Thank you so much J.J for soaking your pen of experiences in the ink of reality.
      Stay blessed and keep inspiring. 🙏❤

    3. You always inspired me to keep writing and appreciating whatever I write. Your appreciation makes me smile and your words motivates me to write more & more. One more thing I'm always awaiting for your appreciation. May be your indentity is unknown to me but only few known me as J.J. Nothing more to say. Every writer need an appreciator like you who will motivates him for his writings. Thanks 🙏🙏🙏

    4. You deserve everything and much more🙌

    5. Well written.whatever you said,that is the truth of our country.Your thought is so good,everyone should think that.Your writings show your personalities namely kind-hearted,brave,fighter,helpful,thoughtful,simple etc.If everyone becomes like you, then the development of our country will definitely happen.I am sure that your writings will inspire everyone.Gd n8 my frnd, cuto.

    6. Thanks alot Mam for appreciating my writings. Your comment makes my day. you always appreciate me whatever I wrote weather it's a poem or an article. Just loved to see someone encouraging me to write even more. Once again thanks alot Saamita Mam for your comment.🙏🙏🙏

    7. You are most welcome and thanks for the reply.Today I am so happy to see your reply.Plz don't say mam bcoz I'm ur frnd.You can't understand what I feel for you.I always pray to god that you stay happy with whom you love.Bye cuto.

    8. Thanks for your lovely wish, but I'm single. Sorry,c but i couldn't recall you. If I'm not wrong, are you Sasmita Jena from khankihat U.G.M.E school friend. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    9. Yes,you are wrong.I'm not ur scl frnd.plz don't take my previous msg in wrong way.I meant that I feel,you are my good frnd nothing else.Gd n8 my frnd cuto.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.


    11. Sorry for my inconvenience. Next time onwards I'll be more careful. If you don't mind, can you please directly ping me in my fb or insta & if you have my contact number then in what's app. Once again thanks a ton Sasmita.

    12. Sorry,I can't talk directly because there are some reasons.Nice to talk to you.Thank you very much for the conversation.You will always be my friend.It is my best moment of my life which I can never forget.I want to talk to you directly,but I know, it will never happen.So sorry once again.

    13. By the way thanks & it's okay. One day we'll definitely meet. Have a great day. Happy makar sakranti.🙂🙏

    14. Thanks for understaning me.Have a nice day.Happy makar sakranti.


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