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    Book Review: Dev-D

    Dev - D is an English romantic novel written by Chandraprakash Mohata published in 2011. Here is a short book review by Soumya Ranjan Pal.

    Dev-D Book Review by Soumya Ranjan Pal

    To some extent, you want to be that person. And suddenly you won't need to be. At a point, you crave for that affection. And then suddenly you don't want to see yourself in that crisscross junction.

    While printing those words in your mind, you have somehow created your little part in that world around you to be there to present your existence.

    And all of a sudden you find yourself vulnerable. Those moments of love, affection, caring, believing make you the strongest. And the separation, that bloody separation keeps you in a position of going nowhere.

    The hell of course. May everyone find the person who could hold hands tight facing each storm together to see that precious smile on each other's face without ever leaving in those destroying situations. May the Almighty grace everyone with that.

    Thank you Mr. Author for this one ❤️

    - Soumya Ranjan Pal

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