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    A poem on SCA-BU-LOUS by Abha Satman

    Those scars are beautiful
    Those cuts are signs of bravery
    Those bruises are symbols of courage. 
    And embracing all those prides, 
    Is a work of art. 

    Some suggest ayurveda
    Some will tell for laser operation
    Some will run in front of you when they notice 
    And then comes those judgmental eyed peoples. 
    Now, Embracing these thoughts is a skill, 
    Though it's tough to handle in ease. 

    The marks, 
    They tell stories of your life
    Some are painful yet adoring
    Some encouraged but faced disguise
    Some try to know but comprehend lately. 
    These stories though written with thrones
    But embracing them with petals, 
    Is a commendable work. 

    These scars 
    Are the most unique signs in me
    Pride comes from those marks
    Each time I see myself stared by my surrounding
    And get teased for the uniqueness of mine. 
    Embracing these moments hurts, 
    But standing still is the masterstroke. 

    - Abha Satman

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