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    Never give up on Love

    Never give up on Love

    Once you do find your match, everything else begins to fall into place. A few years ago, a boy was insecure about having a serious partner when he didn’t have full-time employment or a secured career. He thought he had nothing to offer without a cool job, but the girl he adores ended up helping him get to where he needs to be career-wise. Unfortunately, they got apart from each other, and dreams got shattered before eyes. They fought a lot but probably not enough for converting dreams into reality. For him, Life is quite charmless and incomplete without her well-guided advice and selfless love.

    A note for all youth over there - Wanting to be with the person you love all of the time doesn’t make you needy or annoying at all. Rather it shows you cherish that person deeply and understand every experience — whether big or small — is better with him/her around. It's healthy to giggle and chat with your favorite person in the world after a rough day at work. Never ever put your sword down before fighting for your love. Life presents us with plenty of battles, and the person you marry should be willing and able to fight them alongside you. This may sound unromantic, but having someone who is there for you day in and day out, for better or worse, is as sweet as it gets. Good Luck 😊

    - Bibhu Prasad Mahapatra 
    IIT Kharagpur

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