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    Your Password Can Change Your Life

    How a Password Changed a Life? - A true story...

    I was having an average morning until I sat down in front of my computer. "Your password has expired", a server message flashed on my screen, with instructions for changing it...

    In my PC I have to change passwords every month as a precaution & I set it as a reminder in every 30 days.

    I was deeply depressed after my recent breakup. Disbelief over what she had done to me was what I thought all day long...

    Just then I remembered a tip I’d heard from my teacher & read the exact this life hack in Quora.

    He’d said, "I’m going to use a password that is going to change my life."

    I couldn't focus on getting things done in my current mood. My password reminded me that I shouldn’t let myself be a victim of my recent breakup and that I was strong enough to do something about it.

    I made my password – "Forgive@her"... I had to type this password several times every day, each time my computer would lock. Each time I open my PC I wrote: "forgive @ her"...

    The simple but mandatory action changed the way I looked at my ex-gf... That constant reminder of reconciliation led me to accept the way things happened and helped me deal with my depression...

    By the time the server prompted me to change my password the following month, I felt free.

    The next time I had to change my password, I thought about the next thing that I had to get done. My new password - "Quit@overthinking4ever".

    It motivated me to follow my goal and I was able to quit overthinking and negativity.

    One month later, my password became "Prepare4upsc@2019", and in three months' time I was able to consolidate my materials, made up of my mind and start preparing and taking coaching with proper time and schedule.

    Reminders helped me materialize my goals and kept me motivated and excited, it's sometimes difficult to come up with your next goal...

    *Keeping at it passwords brings great results.*

    After a few months, my password was -

    "lifeis#beautiful" !!!

    Life going to change again...


    Your internal talks matter what you tell yourself. It conditions you to think in that direction and you are able to witness realtime RESULTS.

    Dear Friends, this concept is really true, it actually WORKS, See for yourself and Change Your Password Now and Use a Constructive Goal to be achieved.

    - Sk Juned Jafri


    1. Your story made me believe in these 3 important things:
      1. "You will emerge from the broken nightmares like the powerful, beautiful, resilient person that you are."
      Yes,it can be really very hard to remember this when you feel like the shell of the person you once were.But trust me,
      You are capable of overcoming so much more than you think.
      2. "Pain is what makes you stronger,tears make you braver and heartbreaks make you wiser."
      So we should thank the past for a better future.
      3. "Things that drift you apart is sometimes the very one that heals it."
      Thanks a million J.J for this amazing life changing,inspiring piece.♥️♥️♥️

      1. Thanks aton. The abstract of my writing which you mentioned in key points of your valuable feedback is the actual theme of the story. Thanks alot once again for pointing out the key values and concrete words for this article. Your comment inspired me alot today. 🙏🙏🙏

    2. Wow!What an inspirational story you've written!At the time of distress,we all need inspiration to free from worries and give our life a direction.It motivates us to be better and be the person we dream to be.Really,you are doing a great job.Thanks for sharing your feelings and inspiring us to make life better.

    3. Thanks for reading and appreciating each of my article in an unique way. Thanks for your upvotes & your appreciation inspired me to write more and more on my real life incident.

    4. Humm..honestly sometimes you need to express your feelings,because no one will come to your shoes for understanding the situation.☹️
      This really shows your pain,your sufferings and moreover how you've successfully overcame such depression all alone only by yourself,which reflects your inner strength.🙌
      Stay strong,be patient and keep smiling always.😊
      More power and respect to you J.J. 🙏🙏🙏


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