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    It is not Easy...

    It is not easy...
    To apologize,
    To take advice,
    To admit error,
    To keep on trying,
    To forgive and forget,
    To think and then act,
    To keep out of the rut,
    To make the best of little,
    To maintain a high standard,
    To recognize the silver lining,

    But, it will always be worth it…

    - Sk Juned Jafri


    1. It is a unique poem which is based on the reality of life.Yes,it is not easy but it's not too difficult if we want to do.Everything is possible if we believe in ourselves.Keep writing.

      1. Yes it's not easy but it's not difficult either if we want to do. What a beautiful statement it is! Thanks for your inspiring words in the comment section Sasmita.
        I wanna see you writing in this platform with your article,poem and blogs.

      2. And we are available in English, Odia, Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Punjabi, Bangla. You could reach us easily by shubhapallaba@gmail.com. Waiting for your articles.

    2. No,I am not intelligent like you.


    Thank you

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