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    Is Love Divine?

    If Love is Divine,
    Why Does the World Prohibit Me
    From Loving You, O Dear Beloved?

    Why is there the Apartheid of
    Pure and Unpure, Even in Love?

    They Say, to Love the World is to Get Attached.
    They Say, to Love the Lord is to Get Liberated.
    And I Say,
    I Love the World to Get the Lord.
    I Attach Only to Detach.
    For I see the World As Nothing More than an Expression Divine!

    In You O Dear, I See No Fear
    of Love, of Loss and of Lust.
    For I never Endeavour to Acheive You,
    For I never Endure to Reach You.

    Knowing Very Well,
    The Bodies are Unstable as a Bubble,
    You have Inspired Me to Love the Soul!

    You for Me are the Heavely Dream,
    the Very thought of Which,
    Dissolves the Deluge of the World!

    You have Kindled in Me an Hope,
    That Not Every Beauty is a Dope.

    You have Groomed Me to Love and
    Yet be ready To Leave.

    You Too are the Reason,
    Why I've Chosen to See Every Person,
    Every Season, Every Emotion,
    Without Bias and Discrimination.

    For I have Learnt to Understand that,
    In Each of us, may be, there is a bit of Demon,
    Yet We All need Affection,
    To Move Ahead in the Path of Realization!

    Be there as You Are, My Love!

    Your Body may get Disembodied,
    But I am Sure You can Never Slip into Oblivion.

    The Spirit of Light and Love that You've Lit,
    Has Led Me on a Long Journey:

    To Love Without Owing - Anyone and Any thing,
    To Live Without Expecting - Pleasures and Gain, Including Pain,
    To Leave in Smiling - Everyone and Everything,
    And Stive to Soothe the Wounded Scores of Humanity!

    I Love You, O Dear as Divine!
    and these Pourings of my Heart and Soul
    Shall Always Remain to Shine!

    -Apratim Sai

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