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    Boudh: A Moment to cherish

    Dasapalla, wow......

    It´s more amazing than the Ranpur - Nayagarh road. Maybe the mother natureś magic touch starts here. Except for the man-made road and some vehicles, everywhere she is ruling. Somewhere in a group, somewhere in a row, they are on road. They are watching the people in blinking eyes; what they could think! Hey monkey, screech, screech; haa haa haa. You guys are so naughty at Puri, but now I´ve my Aprilia. Catch me, catch me, he he. Are you afraid dear! Cowards, running away from my path. I´m not running over you guys. But don´t come to the middle of the road too like humans. We all will be finished, together.

    "Please don´t feed the monkeys. It´s harmful to their health." A good hoarding, but who the hell feeds the monkeys? They will eat me. I still can´t forget the apes of Tiffin Top at Nainital. Please Jagu, do whatever you can do, but take that afraidness of monkeys and dogs from me. I´ve never faced a tiger in an open space. But still, thinking I won´t be scared that much until the tiger runs after me like I feel by seeing the monkeys from a distance. How I can be a wildlife photographer! You know it very well that I´m not interested in any type of job by being a slave of others.

    ଏଇ ଯେ ବନଲତା ପାହାଡ଼
    ଆହାରେ ଦିଶେ କେଡ଼େ ସୁନ୍ଦର
    ଟିଣି ଟିଣି ଟିଣି ଟିଣିରେ, ଟିଣି ଟିଣି ଟିଣି ଟିଣିରେ...

    ( This is the forest and mountain
    wow they look so beautiful
    hmm hmm hmm hmm re, hmm hmm hmm hmm re...... )

    How beautiful nature can be! I can sleep on her lap of beautiful green saree. I wish all the roads of the world could be like this. Rows of trees on both side, and mountains on a few distances. Somewhere road goes through the forest that sunlight is afraid to come through it directly. Please grant no end to this road. If life doesn´t require money, I won´t go back.

    "Welcome to Satakoshia Tiger Reserve Forest" ।
    Nature is not like to watch trees or vines or birds in gardens, parks. There is also afraidness in it. Nature is also listening to roars of tigers in dense forest, it is also watching the eyes of crocodiles on the cold water of the river along with own thirsty face.

    If we fight against nature, it can be a destroyer, but if we live along with it, nobody can love more than her. Human nature is to find the opposite. The one who belongs to coastal loves mountain; and if from cities loves the forest. But after some days, he starts to search for his past. But am I like that! How many more days! When I was enjoying the maneater books of Jim Corbett more than lessons in school life, don´t know in which weak moment I fell in love with the forest and assumed ¨life is roaming around in dense forest without a shelter¨. Life is also being homeless. I need only peace. This world is of creation and destruction. But I never wanted a world of humans and not I want that now.

    Such a long way, but no sign of the tiger. Yaa it is not written anywhere, but still, there are tigers in Satakoshia. Only my eyes got pain while looking for the tiger.

    Horn......  Pin.. pin.. pin..

    A car ran away by blowing the wind so strong and made me feel like being breathless. Suddenly everything comes to a steady position. Don´t know what I was doing! I had slept or lost in the dream! Applied break and stopped my scooter. I was singing songs just a moment before and then what happened!

    10 August 2019. I left with my scooter, but where to. Nuapada would be a good option. Though I thought about it before, asked about to my Nuapada friend, still, I was not mentally strong. One of my friends had a WhatsApp status regarding traveling and I had saved that. I got one of the lines as ¨Travel to be healthy¨.

    The election was there in April this year. Holidays were canceled for the entire month, and along with there were field duty. It was started on that day. Then cyclone Fony in the month of May. Entire Puri Rural, my project was in the mouth of the cyclone. Entire month we didn´t know when even Sunday passed, 5 pm in the evening was like a daydream. I had accepted 4 days fever silently, but after that, it was time to count days. My body had to accept any type of indiscipline at any moment. It became silent while taking medicine and then showed its originality. I felt somehow fresh after returning from Nainital. But can´t live without traveling. I can´t help myself from searching google map whenever I found a red date on the calendar. After being fine for a week, started scooter for Paradeep on June 30. Maybe it was not in my favor and got drenched from Cuttack to Puri. From 1st July to 9th August, my world just revolved around fever, cold, cough, vomiting and headache. Along with that, all types of National programs were to be conducted in my sector. I used to maintain my daily life like a machine and my body wanted to sleep at the gate after returning to home. But there should be an end to this machine life. I felt like my head would burst without traveling. After all, ¨Travel to be healthy¨.

    Started my journey after taking tea at that moment when the sky got a little clear. It was 5:30 am then. It was already late; I might not make it to Nuapada. But this sentence was shouted by inner me, not Google map. I just threw each and every negative thought and my Aprilia started to go forward. Had been to Kantilo once via Nayagarh, hence acquainted with the road. During the morning time, the New Jagannath Sadak via Kanas and Nirakarpur was not so crowdy and hardly trucks were passing by. But after that, I used to check map timely in order to not waste time on the wrong route.  Bowed head for Maa Mani Nageswari and rode forward. After getting onto NH 57, just drive straight with no turning, one can get into the Boudh town. It was 8 o´clock then, the moment I reached Nayagarh. On the right side, there is the Collectorate office on the foot of a tiny mountain. Rode on my way after taking a look at it. But I was dying to eat by then. Just a few kilometers ahead took snacks (Puri & Curry) and had a break for 5 minutes. At that time too I was thinking could I be able to return from Nuapada! I could feel the mild headache, but impossible to know whether my body was warm due to the scorching heat of sun or fever came back. After taking a sip of tea, mentally I became healthy again, ¨Yeh here is Nuapada, just ahead¨.

    After covering some distances near or maybe at Udaypur there is a mountain having floor like appearance. Oops! I wish I could have that word power. If possible do a photoshoot. But my bad luck, I forgot to apply break, however later thought it could have been great. Just after that to the right side, a road goes to ¨Dasia Aja Liabrary¨. If you have time, make a visit to it.  Thought to take a look at that while returning, but who had seen the future!

    Ride wholehearted after Dasapalla. If traveling is one´s passion, then nature works as a pain killer to him. The monkeys were scattered on the road, but peaceful and innocent. They were not aggressive, but I was teasing them in fun. They were just making space without any hesitation. That place is like a sanctuary to them. Ride slowly, they may come on your path. Then comes the notice board ¨Satakoshia Tiger Reserve Forest¨. The road goes by the forest, no horn hence. The whole city is there for human. Live and let live that to happily. But by that time I was thinking of having a company by luck so that I could take a round inside the forest. The fear was not for tiger but man. Nobody will listen to you even if you will be beaten black and blue. A few vehicles were passing. Sometimes I was feeling amazing by seeing the milestone. Only two more districts, Boudh and Bolangir; then my dream Nuapada.

    I was riding by singing songs. But then didn´t know what happened to me. I got my sense by a car horn. At once I felt like breathless. But then I couldn´t handle myself by breathing so vigorously and sat down by keeping my scooter on the sideline. I was in standard 2 then and got injured on my head. Bleeding started. My friends lifted me, and my eyes were closing slowly, this much I remember only. Then when I got my sense, found myself walking on the road towards the hospital inside the school campus. By that time I had already walked nearly 200 meters with 4 friends on both sides. Till today I don´t know what happened to me. If I was senseless, how I was walking! If not senseless how I slept while bleeding. The trees on both sides didn´t allow the sunray to touch the ground directly. Then only I could sense by touching my body that fever returned. I could recall the lost memory. I slept very well the day before only to cover such a long distance. It was not possible to sleep on a running scooter while riding. Till that moment sleeping never touched me while riding. And if I was senseless due to fever how could I be on a moving scooter! To my luck had glucose water. Took rest for 15 minutes. The headache started, but who the hell would open tea shop for me in a forest route!

    But was feeling better somehow. Just then a hoarding came to my notice about elephants. ¨Wow! elephants are too here. If not tiger, an elephant, please come near to the road, my trip will be one level high. But I will see the heaven sure if sit like this and an elephant comes out.¨ At that moment I cut Nuapada idea. If got a chance to see elephant, would return to Puri from that point. And if not must visit at least Boudh town. I must see something as I crossed such distance. Yes, or No, Yes or No, at last, decided not to use the helmet. Helmet never suits headache. So no to helmet until I found tea. Started scooter and reduced speed from 80 to 50 km per hour. Kept an eye on the speedometer and rode forward. I may die, but should not be a cause of anybody´s misfortune.

    There was no sight of the elephant, but much more thoughts rushed into my head. There were no good roads, neither Google map nor internet. But Biju Pattanaik reached Lahore on a bicycle, Pradyumna Mahanandia to Sweden. What more I had done of having a scooter! My bad. The road started to be more active, and that meant the elephant corridor ended. After taking a sip of tea only, my mind stopped to think nonsense things and came to reality. Searched the internet and had zero interest in temples. Yogendra Villa Palace, Nayakpada Cave, and Budha Park. I was feeling better than before. Didn´t know whether I recovered partly or it was just an illusion of tea. But whatever it was, nothing to be mattered. Increased speed and reached Boudh at 12 o´clock.

    Roamed in the town once by the stadium, Govt. girls´ high school. Inside the town preferred the locals to map to get road. But they were looking at me as if I was an alien. I was thinking the reason behind but couldn't find till last moment. Whenever I have been to a distance place alone, always try to avoid the meaningless eyecatching moment. But this time I was hopeless. Looked at the police station again, might need it at any moment. First, it was Yogendra Villa Palace. But God knows what extraordinary was there. The king is still living there and nothing to see. In front of it, Budha Park is there. As per locals a grand statue of Budha is there. Timing is from 9 am to 6 pm. waited at the gate for 10 minutes, but nobody came and the gate was locked too. The sun was too rude. On that square, Puspagiri hostel is there. In front of it, there is the block office. I was taking tea near it under the shade of a tree. One man asked suddenly, ¨Old student ?¨ When denied and presented myself as a visitor he told me being excited, ¨Madam, have you been to Budha park? Buddhadeb is there. You must take a look.¨ My doubts got doubled and looked myself on scooter mirror. As my physical appearance is like a child, hence most of the unknown persons consider me a school going kid, not madam. Then only I could see the cap on my head to protect my hair from wind, which is not so popular among women. So surely I am an alien. After that, I headed towards Nayakpada Cave. Just get out from town and go back on the same route. After 5/6 k.m. according to map take a right turn. From that point, it´s 3.5 km away. Such a nice place, but can´t recommend it to check it alone. Like good and bad, there is peace and lonely. No crippling of birds. Stairs are there from the foot. I ran up to the cave and immediately came back too by jumping two stairs at a time. But a recommended beautiful place having forest around.

    Then it was time to return as there´s a limit of tolerance for the body. While returning nothing significance happened. Just had taken breaks for 4 times for cake and tea. I was feeling hungry but had to avoid rice. After riding around 564 k.m. I reached home, but by that time there was no need to touch my body. From an inch distance, one could feel the warmness. I was on bed for 10 hours straight like a dead. After getting up took a look at cheat status. But wished to hammer my own head. It was all my fault. It was, ¨Travel to be happy¨, not healthy. And got recovered from fever after 2 days.

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