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    Kavi – A Place Where Brotherhood Smiles

    On the shore of the Gulf of Khambhat, stands a village named Kavi. It comes under Jambusar taluka of Bharuch district of Gujarat. It is around eighty kilometers from the district headquarters.

    The place is very special, as it is one of the places in secularism and brotherhood.

    A place whose ninety percent of the population is Muslim, but is a pilgrimage center of both Hinduism and Jainism.

    A famous temple of Lord Shiva i.e. Shree Stambheswar Mahadev temple is situated at Kavi. People believe that the holy Shivalinga was established by Swami Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, around fifteen hundred years ago after the death of Rakshas Tarkasur. The Shivalinga was established at the place where the river Mahi (known as river Mahisagar by the local people) meets the sea i.e. the Gulf of Khambhat. That is why, because of the tidal currents the temple gets filled with water twice a day (i.e. at the morning and evening). There happens to be a fair on each new moon day and in the month of Shravan and a huge crowd. People from various places come to visit this place and seek blessings of Shri Stambheswar Mahadev.

    The Jain Derasar too enhances the beauty of the place. There is so much peace inside the derasar. It is popularly known as the saas-bahu(mother and daughter in law) temple. The temple is rich with beautiful architecture. The scene from both outside and inside are splendid and so fascinating.

    (The wooden ceiling of the Jain Derasar)

    And as more than ninety percent of the population are Muslim, that’s why the place is having so many mosques too.

    I would like to say everyone that if you ever come to Bharuch then you must visit Kavi.

    It is the place where even God does not discriminate. And we are merely human beings despised in front of God. Moreover, we all are Indian and despite any caste or religion, we are one and united. We set the example of UNITY IN DIVERSITY in front of the world.

    Jai Hind.

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