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    Among the Stars

    Pin drop silence all around the house except the tickling of the clock. The clock shows it is eleven o’clock at night. An old Bollywood track was playing. “आओ हुजूर तुमको सितारों में ले चलूँ ……”(oh my love come, I will take you to the stars)

    Kartik sat on a sofa with a glass of wine in his hand. Leaned backward, eyes closed and wet chicks. This song reminds him of Kavita -his first and last love. She always used to sing this song for Kartik. The melody of the song drove Kartik down in the memory lane. 

    November 2007. The final year of engineering. Kartik went on a college trip to Manali. Some fifty-odd students attended that trip. The trip included hiking, paragliding, and many other adventurous events. That night was the coldest one. The campfire was set. 

    All the students sat beside the fire circling it. After some minutes chattering of the students stopped. And a girl with a sweet voice started to sing a song “आओ हुजूर तुमको सितारों में ले चलूँ ……”. 

    Kartik was awestruck while listening to the song. He inquired about the girl. Found out her name “Kavita”. According to the professors she was excellent in academics. And according to her friends, she was an awesome singer. Kartik saw her. There she is. The most beautiful girl in the world Kartik had seen. The light of campfire was enhancing her beauty. He fell in love with her at the very moment he saw her. On the last day of the tour, Kartik proposed Kavita. She refused at that moment. After two-three months she realized that Kartik’s love was true and agreed to his proposal. They were very happy. After two years when Kartik got a job, they both decided to get married. Both their families were happy too. On one auspicious day, they tied the knot of togetherness for births.

    Their days and nights are not less than any celebration. They were very happy till that one unfortunate day which turned their little world upside down. On their first marriage anniversary, they decided to go to Manali to relive the memories of their first meeting. While returning they met with an accident. That accident took away all the happiness they treasured. After twenty-some days when Kartik got back his consciousness, he found himself in a hospital with all his family members around but not Kavita. The first sentence came out of his mouth was “where is Kavita?”. What he got in reply that shattered his life and dreams completely. His Kavita was no more. 

    Since then his routine was to listen to this particular song every night and remember his darling wife. She always used to sing this song. And now she is gone to the stars, alone.

    Kartik got up from the sofa and walked to the window. It was a clear night. Sky blossomed with stars and the moon. Kartik while watching them wondered if he can see his moon up there among the stars.

    And the track kept playing…

    “आओ हुजूर तुमको सितारों में ले चलूँ ……”

    -- Adyasha Priyadarsini Das
    Bharachu, Gujurat.

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