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    THE WORTHY SON OF INDIA by Madhumita Mishra

    He's the one who taught us all to fight and win with an attitude…!
    He's the one who taught me to be contented and focused in deep solitude…!!
    He's the one who taught the lesson Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikash to all…!
    He's the one who took the oath to save the Nation from any fall…!!

    He's the one whose 56" broad chest is the armor of his motherland…!
    He's the one who is able to protect and take the entire nation's stand…!!
    He's the one who took us to the digital world of monetization…!
    He's the one who empowered India with one GST for one nation…!!

    Many challenges, many hurdles, and many negativity were defeated…!
    Corona grabbed all but we stood straight with vaccinations repeated…!!
    The Pulwama attack was replied back with the perfect Surgical Strike…!
    Internal agitations and external conflicts were driven by his confidence spike…!!

    He's the one who brought the confidence of Make In India to fight against disasters…!
    He's the WORTHY Son of INDIA working as the Chowkidar of motherland's pleasures…!!

    - Madhumita Mishra

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