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    Teachers Day Sonnet

    Teachers Day Sonnet

    Teaching is not a profession…it's a lifelong meditation

    Students arrive and students depart within the due course of time…!
    But teachers remain constantly there with the same rhythmic chime…!!
    They teach each one to move forward and be what they ought to…!
    They hold our hands and teach us how to explore the world anew…!!

    With a mind so calm and a smile on their face, the teacher deals with the ward…!
    No boredom found, no worries sound when teachers utter their word…!!
    Repeated doubts are repeatedly clear and the same lesson they repeat…!
    Teachers are like the bright sunlight which clears all the hazy sight…!!

    They never keep any expectations to be ever remembered in future…!!
    They know they're the life gardeners who are there only to nurture…!!
    They nurture the child and build a concrete ladder for each leader…!
    Endless efforts with timeless dedications bring out the fore fighters…!!

    Teaching is not only a profession, teaching is rather the age-old meditation…!!
    Teachers are The second parents who smile serenely, show the clear destination…!!

    - Madhumita Mishra

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