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    Fear - English Poem by Suchismita Panda

    Every so often I envisage
    fear is what 
    makes me powerful
    Makes my life livable 

    Accords me fighting spirit
    Bullies uglies monsters 
    Will I thrive further, I ponder
    Without that I won’t test my limit 

    The constant crash and thrash
    What lead me to deal the pain
    It’s fear 
    at the end what I gain
    Or wait
    May be it’s courage what I attain 

    Fear of losing me in the ugly crowd 
    Fear of choosing wrong over my pride 
    Myriad hours of ruminating 
    Will my grit over fear 
    ever be shouted out

    A celebrated soul
    Vision beyond horizon
    Faith overload 
    Handful of empathetic weapon
    Emoluments of decorated person

    From time to time I challenge my fear
    You jab me down 
    Abatement will steer 
    By and by
    I will pick up my heavy heart
    Dust off my dirt
    I will walk in my set path
    With a head higher 
    You can’t win my dear fear

    - Suchismita Panda
    Chicago, USA 

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