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    She and the Whiskey

    She and the Whiskey

    Stopping by a dream the beauty of the night
    Sun also went with a very sleepy knight
    Truimph was knocked by a small right
    What a silly eve such gonna bright?

    Travel by the junkyard and reach to her
    Pocketed with a red rose for gifted near
    Run behind the time to explore the bent
    Smilingly says goodby what do I can't.

    She gonna vexed with mine greenish bow
    Seeing my face with irate just telling me no
    she left behind me in the same way
    As I left whiskey on the dining table bay.

    Beautiful lady why doesn't look back at me
    Pick a stick cigar and go to the sea
    That was a wonderful night I haven't
    DEPRESS DEPRESS DEPRESS and fall in hate that moment.

    Moon has come with a snowy cool ray
    I am falling guilty on the pay
    Love is nothing in the real world I get
    Just is a bitter than the bitterest Neem yet

    - Ayushman Tripathy
    Sindhekela, Balangir

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