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    Life is flowing in this planet incessantly from the primitive to the prudent era yet and will be in continuation of being an intrinsic part of evolution. Needless to say that all life ingredients were there within this cosmos before the first life resumed, maybe it was in the subconscious gestation stage till the ignition by some supreme energy to bloom into a living embodiment. Post-birth of a life it grows maturing till a mortal end called death to give rise to the birth of the same soul in yet another incarnation. There can be no sign of disagreement in multiple births of a life which is called rebirth here. Starting from the supreme soul the mortal life passes through numerous births one after another till the subconscious soul travels the desired stages till attaining caliber to get renunciation to merge into the supreme soul.

    The ultimate source, the epicenter of all energy, the Omnipotent Mother Nature is always a guardian of its own creation. It remains passive most of the time while the bundle of its diversified energies in the form of living and non-living embodiments undergo a slow but steady reaction among themselves changing the sphere towards a constant revolution ahead, resulting in progress of the abstract and spiritual conscience. Many times there arises an undesired output from such evolution, then Mother Nature either creates a unique form of life or transforms some existing form. It may either be a catalyst or a retardant as desired to keep the flow of life in control delivering the desired positive outcome.

    It’s unanimous that there has been constant progress in the life process from a unicellular organism to the super-advanced homo-sapiens yet. But there seems stagnancy towards further development in the course of evolution. Let not be in illusion that there is no further stage of life’s divinity from the present human being. Maybe the moral development of its species is yet to undergo a significant change into the supra-mental stage. No doubt there has been a tremendous change in the intellectual quotient of man expanding its caliber to prudent technology and scientific exploration. But the most vital aspect of life’s paradigm, the spiritual dimension is getting deteriorated day by day. Trust in unseen divinity is dissolving from our practice now, as we have chosen experiment to experience. Custodians and mentors to spiritualism are lacking in the modern age which was prominent in old age in form of holy saints, kings, and priests. Many a time we are not willing to interpret spiritualism in contemporary proceedings and our day to day happenings. Keeping an inner eye, prospecting our self-conscience a bit more we can find spiritualism inherent in every action and intention of us at the subconscious or unconscious stage. One holy man has a doctrine that “every evil action of us is an ill interpretation of a noble intention”. Reluctance to spiritualism in our acquired and desired scope of further development is nothing but a lacuna at the micro-level which pulls us back to progress ahead as a victorious race.

    In the mythological era there evolved the God, Goddess, Sages, and holy incarnations to restore justice, truth, religion, love, compassion, and other positive virtues in this universe. Nature gives ample scope, opportunities, and indications when the flow of life is directed against the desired destination. Whenever we fail to receive this command and rectify the flow, then Mother Nature takes its course of action either destroying the certain negative elements from existence in toto or gives birth to a certain superpower to take the lead. The nuclear war and further treaties to nullify it can be taken as the example of an indication of destruction and scope of rectification respectively. The religious fights, lethal poverty, racial suppression, erosion of family values, unprecedented deforestation, creating imbalances in ecology in name of rapid development are numerous other indications to sketch our road maps ahead not only to lead our limited span of life but also decide the future progress of the race in his cosmos.

    Longing for happiness in life is emerging as the only guiding force for us now. Further, it gets so much intensified that we literally want to grab it the earliest. In this quest, we are impatient to wait the desired time and elements to turn favorable for us, rather attain it the earliest we do not mind destroying the elements coming in our way as obstacles. We fail to realize what we really desire in life. If it’s happiness, then we get trapped at the superficial macro aspects of it, like money, success, fame, possessions, etc. But here again, we go on being entangled, desiring more and even more…..which is infinite. If the attainment of these superficial desires is happiness, then there must be a quantification of it reciprocal to the volume of possession. But this is not in reality the happiness is the same for a football player to kick a goal and an entrepreneur coming first in the hundred best billionaire club. But since we do not get that containment upon attaining the so-called happiness for which we were longing for and doing whatever evils to grab it, it is not our eternal quest of happiness in these macro material possessions. There is something ahead called spiritual bliss which must be aimed at to fulfill life’s hunger in our present form of birth. Have to be in sublime action to transform our soul from this tarnished dusty nature to that supernatural transcended stage.

    The dire time now to give a new rendition to our persuaded aspect of life proving our wisemanship in inner engineering too just like our industrial and scientific thrilling success. Have to make spiritualism an integral part of life. There is always an unseen flow of omnipotent power called the evolution line running in parallel to our maneuvered progress line. When there is a deviation of our progress line to the evolution line, the omnipotent energy pulls it back on track at cost of our yet achieved momentum In a nutshell our derogatory action draws us way back to the desired lifeline ahead and our spiritually motivated prudent actions takes us closer to the illumination sphere of divinity with the flow of omnipotent power running parallel to us ever. If we don’t transform our inner self to be part of that divine flow of energy line in our limited mortal life span, we have to take birth after birth till we experience the truth and aboard the boat to eternal bliss.

    To elucidate eventually, the human being is not the ultimate race in this revolutionary life flow on this cosmos. It may not be a different creature further evolving from a man like it was progressed from, but it may be a transformation in mind level of it to a supramental stage who can realize themselves above the superficial nature’s mysteries and move towards a step closer to eternity being mesmerized with the divinity of the super soul.

    - OMM SHANTI -

    - Manas Ranjan Nayak
    Manjuri Road, Bhadrak

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