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    Things You Should Know About Lockdown

    Came across a few opinions calling lockdown being useless to counter Corona Pandemic. Let me clarify some points or hypnosis -

    1. They talk about so and so disease kill this much of people every year but Corona only killed this much.

    Dreadfulness of this virus is yet to be measured by mankind. As time passes by we'll get to know the extent by which it has affected the human race. Till now 2,726,189 people got affected by the virus and 191,074 have died (In 7 months). This number is still less as many countries went for the complete lockdown to slow down the infection ratio. 

    2. Spending money on health care rather than going for lockdown. 

    No country in this world can be prepared for a pandemic. No country has a health care system or resources for 100% of its population. Right now India's population is 1376, 492, 717. Imagine if we have to provide a bed to even only 5% of its population, then it will be approx 68,824,635.  Now, we are seeing how developed countries people are ranting about the unavailability of ventilators, beds, medicine, and caregivers. 

    3. Lockdown will destroy the economy. 

    Yes, it will... But do we have a choice? For every country, it's a do or die situation. They've to choose their human resources over the economy anyway. Here, money can't save this human race. If the human race won't exist who will do business and where?

    4. Lockdown is all about buying time and it won't help in restricting coronavirus spread.

    Yes, it is about buying time. It is about buying time to create awareness. It is about buying time to strengthen your health resources. It is about buying time to understand this virus. It is about buying time to come up with a vaccine.

    So protect yourself and protect others. Give this world a chance to protect us with medicines. Till then we need to survive.

    - Sheetal Mishra

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