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    Humanity over Religion

    I don't know exactly, what sort of an impression I've made in the lives of the people who know me here, personally or on the internet. Never posted something like this before, apart from some social messages, stories, poems, and some humor...!!

    I’m a practicing Muslim.I’m a firm believer that human life is more important than any other thing in such circumstances. I cannot stand and support such behaviors that could endanger the lives of fellow human beings.

    If there is a criticism on Tableeghi Jamaat, that is mainly due to their behavior. We shouldn't make it a matter of religion (either you support or oppose) by any means.

    But it's really high time to share this, out of helplessness, frustration, anger, pity, shame & being apologetically combined!!

    (It's purely my perception.)

    I think most of the Tablighi people mindlessly act something that is not related to the real Islam.

    They are mostly ignorant, it is a fact that they stranded in the Markaz Nizamuddin which is Ashram type Center provides food and shelter for everyone.

    Ijtimaa or congregation was from 13-15 March, lockdown started on 22 March, they had time to go their own homes particularly Indians but their own stupidity stranded them in the Markaz, partly their own insanity and the somewhat sudden announcement of the lockdown stranded them in the Tablighi  far as their own plan of hiding is concerned it is impossible from them, they have no bravery, they reject and oppose demonstration, agitation against any government, they never talk about the politics neither in mosques nor inside their own homes. 

    There are numerous persons in the Jamaat who have no care of their own families just moving in the Jamaat all over India vagrantly, while it is not real teaching of Islam, so long is the sad story of our own society how I say the end. 

    They are foolish friends of Islam neither have proper knowledge nor obey the scholars of Islam. 

    What is the media saying like Corona Jihad, or corona spreading conspiracy etc. it is absolutely wrong and beyond the Facts, It is noteworthy that Tablighi Jamaat pragmatically and theoretically not support any struggle like Taliban.

    Almost five thousand people from all over the world live in the Markaz every time, this type of event held there a daily basis. 

    Tablighi Jamaat works only in mosques, maybe there will be found several people's of Jamaat in other cities in mosques, they go to every mosque.

    By the way, this Jamaat has some scholars, intelligentsia, Engineers, doctors, professors God-fearing personalities that are just related to the God, supplicate and pray for the world peace, they every day do charity in poor people without disclosing their donations, they weep in the night before God every night.

    They say to the people particularly about 7 attributes: please (1) (توحید) worship Allah that is alone, and Prophet Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, (2) (نماز) Perform prayer (3) (علم) gain knowledge (4) (ذکر) Memorize Allah in the most of time(5) (اکرام مسلم) respect the humanity (6) (اخلاص نیت) have sincerity in the intentions (7) (تفریغ وقت)giving time in the way of God, means to go door to door to spread the message of God.

    They say it is our duty to tell humanity the message of Allah to save them from Hell, and show them the way of truth and honesty, for spreading these above mentioned seven things they go to the mosques to mosques. 

    They say, everyone should be humble, no show-off, no proudful because it may humiliate anyone. 

    They give food in the Markaz to all people, several none Muslim needy labourers also eat there fearlessly. 

    All workers of the Markaz are volunteers, speeches of Ulema start there, after morning prayer, (فجر)till the afternoon prayer(ظہر), then till Asr(عصر )prayer, after asr do zikr (ذکر)memories, Allah, after evening prayer speech starts till isha(عشاء) prayer. 

    They sleep early and woke up in the early night, to perform tahajjud (تہجد)prayer at 4 am, then weep before Allah, and do duaدعاء to save the world from the fire of Hell.

    Finally, I believe that Tablighi Markaz is not intentionally involved in any conspiracy to hide their own followers in the Markaz. Their Orignal disease is lack of Islamic knowledge indeed.

    Note - I am not defensive at all, just tell the facts carefully.


    1. Please rise above the obsession of your religion, please 🙏. Try to see this world in a broader perspective, removing the specks of one religion. Humanity is the greatest religion. Do speaks the word of humanity and kindness.

    2. "A little learning is dangerous." Interpreting one thing in other way is very easy as the holy books are too vast & there are 1000 of verses. Now fake, doctored videos, rumours spread in no time in the age of the internet.

    3. Don't just blindly follow your Maulana/Maulvis.
    They may be like a "Whatsapp Uncle" whose birthright is to believe & forward anything and everything that his message box is fed with, without checking the fact.
    Please do check once, before believing any info you get from your religious leaders.

    4. "Action speaks louder than your voice." 
    People won't read your religious books, they'll read you & your deeds. Just because you represent your community. Set a better example further.

    5. I saw many defending the despicable act that happened in Nizamuddin "Markaz". Theres nothing more shameful than this. & Not to mention about those stone pelting on health workers, Inhuman behaviour towards nurses etc.
    Remember, this ain't something about political ideologies, its about the whole mankind. Humanity!! Please refrain from such activities. 🙏

    6. Islam is a beautiful path which teaches & preaches humanity, kindness, and peace of the peak level. What I read & believe to be. A true Muslim will never be involved in such extremism driven shits.
    You belong to the country where Dr.Kalam took birth, Be proud of it or die out of shame.

    Please support the call of our govt & voluntarily report if there is any link of yours to the Nizamuddin incident, Please🙏. Call 104 or download the app Arogyasetu.
     By doing so, you can save many lives, starting from your own family members to the whole nation.

    8. This is the right time to prove your nationalism and love for the country and countrymen. May Allah bless you to follow the path of Mohammad.

    1. Tablighi Zamaat ain't represent the whole of muslim community, its irrelevent to many muslims. When we are abused racially, It really aches our heart. when people bassed us and judge us for the incidence we too felt sorry. Not every muslim is connected or supported this kind of act. 
    2. Nizamuddin Dargah/Masjid and Nizamuddin Markaz are irrelevant to each other. Dargah and Masjid was/is closed as per the instructions.
    3. Please check the authenticity of a video clip before posting it, It may be fake/doctored or may not be. Once confirmed, post it. We'll see & abuse the inhuman bastards together.

    And at the end...
    I want to tell you that 'A ray of hope and belief can brighten the darkest times.'
    It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed. 
    It's the need of the hour to take responsibility of the society and make it a better place to live and let live others.

    Together we stand united, stronger and even more determined to fight this pandemic.

    Lastly my heartfelt gratitude - 
    To, all the doctors, medical staff, sanitation workers, govt. employees, police and army personnel, media personnel, bankers, essentials’ shopkeepers and all other warriors fighting COVID19.

    ‪We are in your debt and ever thankful.
    ‪Jai Hind!

    - Sk Juned Jafri

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