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    Daisy and the Miracle

    One day a girl named Daisy was suffering from cold, she was not willing to go to school but her mom convinced her to go to school. In school was somewhat okay. The next day she got high fever, her parents took her to the doctor's clinic. The doctors took some tests for her, daisy tested positive for COVID 19. As per the rules, her parents also underwent the test and all of them were sent to the isolation wards. In the isolation ward, daisy was alone, she could not see her parents but only the doctors and nurses.

    Daisy felt very sad and started crying, the nurses comforted her by saying why are you crying? Daisy said, "I want to see my mom and dad and my pet dog lesslee." The doctors and the nurses said to her, "don’t cry you will be alright within a few days, everyone is there don’t worry."

    Daisy somehow managed to keep quiet, but she was very sad, she kept on reading some books. In the night she felt breathlessness, she was shifted to the I.C.U and kept on the ventilator. Her condition became very critical the doctors were sure that at any time Daisy may pass away.

    At midnight a strange thing happened. Daisy could feel a shining light coming towards her, that was a fairy in a pink dress; the fairy came close to Daisy and said, "oh Daisy! don't worry" and she started singing a song.
    Hush oh! Dear hush
    See god's light
    Sleep well and tight
    Hush oh! Dear hush
    Look everyone is in sight
    Sleep well and  tight
    Hush oh! Dear hush
    Everything is going to be all right
    Just sleep well and tight
    The next day, to the surprise of all Daisy tested negative for COVID 19. The doctors kept her for some days and discharged her. Daisy met her parents and her dear doggy lesslee. After a few more days the lockdown was over and once again Daisy joined her school friends, everything is just normal, life goes on.

    - Sreeja Mahapatra,
    Class- IV-A,

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