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    I had been to Darjeeling: Another Heaven on Earth

    When I start writing this I was unsure how to explain my own emotions after seeing such natural beauty. Indeed it's splendid and worth visiting. When you are reading this I'm sure you are very much aware of the beautiful attraction. Okay! let's not get into this.

    As per me, I'm a slack homemaker and a parttime freelancer. I work hard in my household chores as other homemakers do. Yeah, we are the super person to handle any crisis. But sometimes we need a break and thanks to my better half who won the battle to drag me in. And here I'm sharing my experience with you all.

    Darjeeling is a city in the Indian state of West Bengal. There is no direct flight to there, so we had to land in BAGDOGRA airport and to travel around 78 k.m. by a travel car. There are no OLA or UBER cab booking services like we have in Bangalore or Bhubaneswar. Ultimately it's their living source.

    And there is, I never have seen such serenity such exquisite delightful scene. The roads are swirling; only pro-drivers can drive on it. It took around 3 hours to reach the hotel. Still, I'm not over with the giant beautiful trees and bamboos. It was feeling like some other country.

    On our way, I had enjoyed its gigantic view of nature and the beauty which you may not believe without watching on your own eys. When we reached, it was almost night. The next morning we visited the PADMAJA NAIDU ZOO. Though I'm an animal protect activist, I don't support the zoo, I never been to a zoo in my entire life; it was my first time with a sour face, but it was changed how the authorities keep them. They have enough natural supportive and visitors have to follow the strict protocol for the animals.

    Next, we traveled to JAPANESE PAGODA Buddhist temple. I tell you,  it’s the magnificent work done by the monk Rom Japan NIPPONZAN MYOHOJI. The reason to build it to provide a focus for people of all races in search of world peace. It was freezing cold and a mild rain in February. Tough I had my winter clothes, still, it was freezing my bones, but I can not neglect the beauty of arch and nature the long and gigantic Pipli tree making the pagoda more interesting. I enjoyed the tranquillity.


    Next was the BATASIA loop. It has its own importance. It was built for the memory of soldiers who sacrificed their lives after Indian independence. I really appreciate all the soldiers who fought and sacrificed their lives for the motherland. And also this point track of spirals around over place of toy train makes it wonderful.

    Then we headed to the GHUM monastery. The place has its own importance. I really enjoyed the environment there. And I failed to understand how the monks worship with limited clothes with freezing floor, it's actually astonishing.

    After two days of our stay, I bought numerous souvenirs for me and dear ones. It was more convenient if you buy from Mahakal mall road. It's quite cheap and detail work.

    I enjoyed the food most, yes, of course, the dumpling I tried there and the taste was great. All the food I tried except from Ramada hotel are purely homemade and soulful. And if you are in Darjeeling you can’t forget to try bakery shops. The low cost, yummy taste and freshly baked would definitely attract you. I had actually a quality time of relaxations. After three days we headed back to our polluted full of traffic and hectic city.

    After my Kerala trip of last year, the Darjeeling trip was way much exciting. It's like rebooting my body with natural beauty. The big mountains the trees the monastery still dancing in my eyes. My soul satiates with beauty. It was blissful and it's indeed the queen of mountains.

    - Monalisa Pattnaik

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