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    Contacts without Connection

    A Monk of the Ramakrishna Mission was being interviewed by a journalist from New York. The journalist started 
    interviewing the Monk as planned earlier.

    Journalist - "Sir, in your last lecture, you told us about "Contact" and  "Connection." It's really confusing. Can you explain?"

    The Monk smiled and apparently deviating from the question asked the journalist: "Are you from New York?"

    Journalist: "Yhea!..."

    Monk: "Who are there at home?"

    The Journalist felt that the Monk was trying to avoid answering his question since this was a very personal and unwarranted question. 
    Yet the  journalist said: "Mother had expired. Father is there. Three brothers and one sister. All married..."

    The Monk, with a smile on his face, asked again: "Do you talk to your father?"

    The  journalist looked visibly annoyed...

    The Monk: "When did you talk to him last?" 

    The journalist, supressing his annoyance said: "May be a month ago."

    The Monk: "Do you brothers and sisters meet often? When did you meet last as a family gathering?"

    At this point, sweat appeared on the forehead of the journalist. 

    It seemed that the Monk was interviewing the Journalist.

    With a sigh, the Journalist said: "We met last at Christmas two years ago."

    The Monk: "How many days did you all stay together?"

    The Journalist (wiping the sweat on his brow) said: "Three days..."

    Monk: "How much time did you spend with your Father, sitting right beside him?"

    The journalist looking  perplexed and embarassed and started scribbling something on a paper...

    The Monk: "Did you have breakfast, lunch or dinner together? Did you ask how he was? Did you ask how his days are passing after your mother's death?"

    Drops of tears started to flow from the eyes of the journalist.

    The Monk held the hand of the journalist and said: "Don't be embrassed, upset or sad. I am sorry if I have hurt you unknowingly... But this is basically the answer to your question about "Contact and Connection". You have 'Contact' with your father but you don't have 'Connection' with him. You are not connected to him. Connection is between heart and heart...

    Sitting together, sharing meals and caring for each other, touching, shaking hands, having eye contact, spending some time together... All your brothers and sisters have 'Contact' but no 'Connection' with each other..."

    The journalist wiped his eyes and said: "Thanks for teaching me a fine and unforgettable lesson."

    This is the reality today. 
    Whether at home or in the society everybody has lots of contacts but there is no connection. Everybody is busy in his or her own world....

    Let us not maintain just "Contacts" but let us remain "Connected". Caring, Sharing and Spending time with all our dear ones.

    The Monk was none other than Swami Vivekananda.

    A million Dollars message.....

    - SK Juned Jafri


    1. Good writing.Let us not maintain just "Contacts" but let us remain "Connected". Caring, Sharing and Spending time with all our dear ones.
      This line in your conclusion is good.

    2. Thanks for your valuable feedback & for your kind apprecaiton.

    3. You have written very beautiful as always.Yes,it is today's reality.You are right,it does not matter how many contacts we have but it matters how connected we are to our loved ones.I hope,everyone will understand the message what you have said through your writing.Everyone should take some time out of their busy life and spend time with their loved ones because there will be someone tomorrow or not.I like all your writings.Keep writing like this.

    4. Once again your feedback brings smile in my face. Thanks alot for your comment. My writings are incomplete without your appreciation. Thanks for inspiring me to write more and more Dear Sasmita. I hope you'll share my article with your dear & near one's and also with your beloved.

    5. Sorry,I can't share your article because I have no friends except you.

    6. You are the only one person with whom I talk.

    7. Sorry but i never talk to you if I'm not wrong. Atleast you can share with your family members. Sorry to interrupt but i don't even recall you that there's someone named Sasmita in my either school friend list or College friendlist. I don't have even any friends of opposite gender.

    8. Yes,you never talk to me,but I am talking about a few days.OK,I will share your article with my family members.I saw you on Facebook.If you don't want to be my friend,then it's ok.I will never message you.Bye forever.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. Plz,don't say sorry.I am sorry, if my words hurt you.

    12. How will you remember me when you never considered me your friend.

    13. Sorry. But i consider you as if my friend. Thanks for your comment and for your valuable suggestion.

    14. sorry,I told you a lie.At first you were right that I am your school friend,Sasmita Jena from khankihat U.G.M.E. school.I know,I hurt you.Plz forgive me if possible.

      1. It's ok Sasmita. After class 7 i never chat with neither I have any contacts with you. Thanks alot. It's being a longtime that I'll chit-chat with you. Great to have a friend like you. If you don't have any problem, Can you pls ping me in fb!!!

      2. I'm really sorry for the inconveniences caused and apologized for not being any contacts with you for such a long period of time.if you truly forgive me then Can i chat with you!!!🙏🙏🙏

    15. Ok,Juned.smilin Sania is my fb id.


    Thank you

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