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    Beauty Awaits Heart not Eyes

    Am not so shining beauty
    Am not so pretty
    But he loves me a lot
    I have dark patches on my dull face
    But he accepts me with full of grace...

    My beauty is ignoble
    Myself not fair to look
    My height is extremely short
    He says he loves me a lot
    On my face, there is a pimple
    But he says
    He is dying for my dimple...

    Because beauty never lies
    In the eyes of the observer
    Simply it awaits
    The interaction of heart forever...

    Everyone says
    I have a bad physical structure
    But he says
    It gives him immense pleasure
    I hate my boyish voice
    He says
    I can fall in love with again n again
    it makes me rejoice...

    I admit
    I have many faults
    He says
    Don't worry
    Mistakes make every one
    complete and perfect
    He says don't fear
    I can make you mine forever...

    I believe that
    I am not so smart
    He says,  who cares
    You are my part and my heart...
    I know
    I am not so intelligent
    He says,
    I love you because
    Of your innocence...

    I never look
    Beautiful in saree
    But he likes me against all my odds
    And call me you are
    My angel my adorable "Pari" ...

    - Sangeeta Das

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