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    Guess who has finally gathered all the courage
    to show up,
    when it's all over, you will tell me
    how you survived in the toughest
    the dimension you call hell,
    Wait, is it you or an illusion?
    I murmured a few rhymes to save you from drowning, response!
    Send a messenger, I'll save degree of every hour that time has brought
    to me,
    the palace is empty, waiting for you and me to inhabit,
    and when you will arrive, I'll pull together every joint of the bloom
    that once I scattered to recollect as a present on your reaching.
    Now, the time has arrived,
    Give me a sign,
    Let me guess, is it you?

    -- Himani Parihar

    Follow her on YouQuotehttps://www.yourquote.in/himani-parihar
    * Read another Poem of her: Oh! I spent my days in a fair Land

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